Eliminate the negative energy with lemons

Eliminate the negative energy with lemons

Eliminate the negative energy with a lemon, you can use it to remove negative energy and welfare. Here we explain some tricks to restore harmony in your home.

The negative energy can stagnate environment at home and affect health, relationships and prosperity. There is nothing better than a lemon to neutralize the negative energy, to improve the economy and to restore harmony.

Lemon hides many beneficial properties, not only for health and beauty, but also in terms of energy. Here I leave this simple advice on how to book a place in your life and in the conditions in which you usually spend most of the time is a citrus fruit, the unmistakable aroma. Since his very presence will be an indispensable ally, which enables you to maintain a positive energy:

There are various ways that you can use a neutralizing effect.

The easiest way to place 3 green lemons in various sectors at home, rejecting and replacing them with matching yellow or black.

Otherwise, it is an advantage in pairs, boiling its shell in rainwater.

If you get a little, you can take it with you, as an amulet. In any case, lemon absorb negative energy and can be calm and safe, how bad the waves will not affect you.

Put on a ceramic or earthenware 9 lemons, let them rice bed. Top with 8 lemons around a single center and to wealth.

Envious against the workers of places to put 3 lemons in our purse or desk drawer, and it will keep us balanced.

It is recommended to spray the spray of water mixed with lemon juice and sprinkle around the home and paying particular attention to corners, it helps to change bad energy.

Place the vase on the bedside table or a glass vase with 3 lemons to attract love. Change them when matching yellow or black.

I hope you serve these tips that give you all my love.

You feel bad vibe bring your house feels very heavy after visiting visit happened to you or you are traveling by public transport, and you are tired of your home, without knowing why. The answer lies in the fact that you have absorbed the negative energy someone or plane you stole your vibe, so I’ll give you the following tips for cleaning.

Lemons: In order to clear the bad vibes that you are absorbed in the same day, put on a plate lemon in 4 games, it means you are doing two lemons cut to form a cross. Around lemon party, put a circle grain of salt within the same dish and tuck under your bed before you go to sleep.

If you can not get under the bed, put aside, on a wall or on the floor. The next day, do not touch the lemon, put it in a plastic bag and throw it away from his home, again for at least 3 days in a row and see how you feel better.

Another Lemon: Use green lemon in her purse, in a pocket of trousers, jacket or wherever you want. Get him out at night and watch the lemon will dry. Throw it and the next day brings new, with this you will absorb all the negativity that can absorb you.


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