What happens if you do not urinate for a long time?

Have you ever wondered what are the consequences of putting up with the urge to urinate?

This is something we have done at some point, so in this video we explain your problems.

We must be very careful about this custom since, in the long run, it can bring us serious consequences that you should know. We explain it to you below.

1. The dreaded infections.

We must never ignore that urine, in addition to water, includes all those waste substances that the body does not need and that the kidneys have been in charge of filtering. Thus, in the bladder we will have a whole mixture of small residues, acidic substances and ammonia that, little by little, can damage the walls of the urinary tract and the bladder itself.

2. Enlargement of the bladder.

Usually, the bladder admits between 150 and 220 ml of fluid (depends of course on each person). It is in these measures when they activate a receptors that warn our brain that it is time to go to the bathroom. Then, the brain activates the sensation of pain and discomfort so that we do it, so that we go immediately to empty the bladder.

If we ignore it, it will continue to increase in the walls of the bladder, widening it and causing us various damages. It’s a dangerous thing to keep in mind.

3. Kidney stones

Few ailments are as terrible as a nephritic colic. There are people more inclined than others to produce such calculations in the kidneys, but usually the simple fact of containing urine is a factor that can also determine their appearance.

Avoid drinking lots of water and going to the bathroom whenever your body needs it.

4. Vesicle-urethral reflux.

Vesico-urethral reflux is a very serious problem that you should know and that may also appear due to the wrong habit of holding urine urge. This ailment is generated when urine, instead of being expelled to the outside after being stored in the bladder, returns to the urethra and the kidneys, causing very serious infections.

5. Discomfort, cramps, and tiredness.

Enduring the urge to urinate is not anything. It is something serious that should never become a habit. If your body sends you a signal to go to the bathroom, it is best not to delay more than 10 or 15 minutes. In the end, our brain will stop telling us and the consequences will come.

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