His house always smells amazing, but nobody knew why. Look what it is and share it!

In this video we will give you a homemade trick with which you can have your home with an incredible smell and without spending a lot of money on odor products.
Take note and see what it is about.
Having a house with a smell as nice as just cleaned all the time gives us joy, peace, serenity.

The secret is thanks to a cincyshopper.com.
This is as if you had your own perfume for the house.
It is super easy to create this beautiful fragrance,
So try and tell us the results!


1. Downy Unstopables Fragrance Intensifiers. These small grains are generally used to wash clothes and are available in different scents. From this ingredient, you will need 1/4 cup.
2. Four spoonfuls of baking soda.
3. A cup of boiling water.
4. An empty spray bottle.



1. Combine ingredients and let stand until all grains have dissolved (at least 30 minutes).
2. Pour the mixture into the spray bottle with a funnel.

Now use this incredible mix on almost anything: carpets, furniture, clothes, curtains, etc.
Congratulations: now your house smells amazing!

This spectacular solution can be used for many things.
For example:
1. A family reunion.
2. A dinner with your partner.
3. To remove the bad smell from dogs.
4. To remove the bad smell in general.
5. To remove bad odor from moisture.
6. To remove bad odors.

We hope you have enjoyed this home remedy. I use it every day and my house smells like no other. I no longer buy air fresheners, or anything like that.

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