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Look what happens when you eat GARLIC AND HONEY…

Garlic has been food and medicine for thousands of years.

Many recipes from the ancient Egyptians include garlic for the treatment of infections ailments and physical weakness. The ancient Greeks used it freely, and the athletes at the Olympics ate garlic to improve their performance.

However, garlic was not limited to Europe. Ayurvedic doctors in India prescribe it for rheumatism and to prevent heart disease, and in Japan and China since ancient times it was a remedy for high blood pressure.

Honey has been used for medicinal purposes in most cultures throughout history, although in the West, in the middle of the century, it was ruled out in favor of antibiotics.
One of the drivers of this rediscovery is the success of honey in the fight against drug-resistant wound infections.

Homemade garlic and honey remedy.


1. Four heads of garlic, peeled and separated in the teeth (about 30 teeth).
2. Raw honey to fill the glass jar of your choice (raw honey is more nutritious than honey purchased in the store).


1. Fill the jar with cloves of garlic and then pour the honey over the garlic.
2. Let the mixture infuse for several days before using, then stored in the refrigerator, where it will be kept for a year or more.

You have to use garlic and honey to:

Colds, fevers, infections, cuts and scrapes.


For acute infections, take half a spoonful up to six times a day.

As for why you should eat on an empty stomach, it is quite simple: when your stomach feels overwhelmed with food.

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