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Note that this grass is very careful. Parsley abortion

Note that this grass is very careful. Parsley abortion

Parsley and risk of abortion during pregnancy.

Parsley is an herb that is used in many recipes and has many health benefits. However, consuming large quantities of parsley during pregnancy is unsafe because it contains oil that affects the uterus.

Do not know the safety limits of parsley on pregnant women, although the level usually found in food seems to be safe. Some possible problems include:

2.- Abortion.

Parsley oil contains harmful substances such as pregnant women and apiol miristicina. Excessive consumption of these substances can cause uterine muscle contraction, which can lead to abortion. Historically, herbs have been used to promote menstruation, which also involves uterine contractions.

3.- The baby’s heart problem.

Miristicina can affect the baby through the placenta to travel to the baby’s body. Once you enter the baby’s body, the substance can increase the rate of beating the baby.

4. Allergy.

Sometimes celery in pregnancy can cause allergic reactions, especially if the woman has been sensitive to some plants such as carrots and fennel.

5.- Fluid loss.

Another possible effect of parsnip during pregnancy is that women can suffer diuretic effects, which can lead to more water loss during micturition than usual.

6.- When to see a doctor.

Ask your doctor to take parsnip during pregnancy. Food like tabbouleh, which can usually contain very high levels of parsley, may be deficient during pregnancy.

Parsley has a variety of forms, such as oil, seeds and fruit juices, which are more dangerous than the natural form of the leaf. Herbal tea containing parsley can also give women too high doses of apol and miristicina.



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