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The sisters with the longest hair in the world.

They were seven and some considered them to be the first famous models of American history, not for their dazzling beauty or for their perfect bodies, but simply for the extraordinary length of their hair, which exceeded the meter long in each one .

The Sutherland sisters were born between 1851 and 1865 in Niagara County, New York, and never showed in their youth any inclination to sell their image, but by music.

Before becoming famous, they dedicated to give concerts throughout the state of New York, arriving to offer a series of performances in the exhibition of Atlanta, celebrated in the year 1881.

Around 1884, when the sisters traveled with Barnum’s Circus, their father, Fletcher Sutherland, realized that a larger audience was gathering in their performances.

But at the same time she realized that the vast majority of people went to see girls’ hair more than to hear their singing.

Although her shows, consisting of religious music and ballads, received very good reviews, it was ultimately the girls’ hair that seemed to attract the greatest attraction.

Proving a great vision for business, the father launched a lotion to the market, with which to make believe to his possible clients that the consequence that his daughters got the hair by the ankles was due solely and exclusively to his product.

And so that no doubt, sent a sample to analyze, which a physician and chemist of prestige assured that it was, beyond all doubt, the best preparation for hair that had ever been made.

The success of his initiative was such that in the first year of sales he earned about $ 90,000 in profit, thanks to his fame as a miracle product, for those who wanted to see his scalp grow.

An income that, during the time that this tonic was on the market, amounted to up to three million dollars, thanks, inter alia, that later the patriarch of the Sutherland added to their products a scalp cleanser and Eight shades of color.

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